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At Care MD® we recognize that we serve a diverse patient group. We understand that people respond differently to different treatments.

As physicians, we are often faced with the issue of chronic pain.

Amongst the many options available to us, we have had great success utilizing a procedure called Percutaneous Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation, or commonly known as PENS.

The procedure works in this fashion.

We use a special technique which involves inserting an ultra-fine acupuncture needle into the soft tissue or muscles. We then connect an electrode to the needle.

We adjust the amount of stimulation sent to the tissue.
The stimulation activates your natural neurotransmitters, usually resulting in pain relief.
We now let the patient continue the procedure for approximately 20 minutes.

This procedure has been a success with so many of our patients. After consulting with your physician, if both of you determine that PENS may be a viable treatment for your symptoms, Care MD® will help you determine if this may be a covered benefit by your insurance plan.

If it is covered, we will also help get an indication if you will incur any out of pocket expenses. We also have reasonable self pay rates. So please book an appointment today! All of our physicians look forward to seeing you.

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