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I am Dr. Vafa Matin. Each day I come into the office and visit with folks that that suffer from the symptoms of allergies. Unfortunately, for many of us, this is one of the less enjoyable aspects of living in the Valley of the Sun.

At Care MD® we offer a unique allergy treatment. No painful shots involved. No frequent trips to the drugstore for expensive over the counter treatments. Effective and safe for children under 7 years old. After a few initial visits with your physician, your office visits cease, you simply pick up the serum and apply it home–very convenient.

The process is called sublingual immunotherapy, but between you and I, we call them Allergy Serum Drops. You simply apply the drops under your tongue. Now how easy is that?

After you and your physician consult for your need for allergy relief. You will return to the office for a simple allergy test to confirm the treatment will be effective. The allergy test itself feel like tiny and temporary scratches on your skin.

Your physician will discuss your results and determine if the allergy drops are a viable option for you. If they are an option, the details of the treatment will be explained to you. You most likely will to be asked to go home, think about the program and decide if you are willing to make the commitment to the treatment. Note though, while some patients often see results in weeks, the majority do not see results for 3 months.

When you’ve returned to the office, your physician will go over the program one more time, how to apply the drops and hand you your first 4 vials of serum. You will be asked to come see the doctor to receive vials 5,6 and 7 and then to come back to see the doctor to pick up vial number 8. This enables the physician to evaluate the performance of the drops and how you are reacting to them.

After that, then you are put on a maintenance program. You simply call our office 24 hours in advance, let them know when you would like to pick your drops up. They will put you on the schedule. Come in, sign in pick up your drops and you are on your way to experience another beautiful day in Phoenix.

Allergy drops are covered by many insurance plans with typical out of pocket costs applying. For those that do not have insurance, we offer a competitive self pay rate.

So, please set up an appointment soon to discuss this alternative treatment. It may be the answer you have been looking for. It was for me. And it was for my family.

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