4 Simple steps to smooth prescription refills

Step 1: Check your prescription bottle for previously authorized refills.
Step 2: No refills? Contact your pharmacy with non-narcotic and\or non-controlled
medication refill requests.
Step 3: Be patient. Your pharmacy will contact us with proper refill request information.
Step 4: Please, do NOT sign up for automatic refills at your pharmacy.

FAQs About Prescription Refills

Before calling the office, or the pharmacy, you should check your current prescription bottle for previously authorized refills.

Example: Mr. J. Doe has 11 refills left on this prescription (see above), he should simply call the pharmacy, give the “RX#” and request a date to pick up his refill. If your current “non-narcotic” and\or “non-controlled” prescription has zero refills remaining, we ask that you still contact the pharmacy for a refill. This insures that the correct medication details are sent to the doctor as well as the correct pharmacy will be used to refill your medication. The pharmacy will then electronically transmit your request to us. Please allow the doctors at least 24 hours to refill your medication. We will electronically send the prescription back to the pharmacy. Please understand very few prescriptions are actually called/faxed in, per the government’s request.

If your doctor requests that you return for a future appointment to review your condition and how your current medication is affecting your condition, then please understand that you will not receive your renewals of medications unless you make that appointment.

Should I sign up for automatic refills with the pharmacy?

No. When your pharmacy asks if you want to sign up for automatic refills, PLEASE DECLINE.

Although automatic refills seem to make perfect sense, the reality of the situation is that, the pharmacy’s computer system does not take into account refills the doctor may have already prescribed, or medications he/she may have changed. The doctor may be trying to keep all of your medications on the same cycle to reduce your need for follow up visits. The pharmacy’s automatic system often throws this out of synchronization. Also the automatic refill system erroneously send requests to refill medications that have been intentionally eliminated or replaced by your doctor. Filling improper medications can be life threatening, we ask you to skip automatic refills to avoid a potential harmful event.

What is a prescription refill? How does it differ from a prescription renewal?

A prescription refill is a prescription on file with your pharmacy that has remaining refills.

This prescription can be refilled without contacting Care MD®. A prescription renewal is a prescription on file with your pharmacy that does not have any remaining refills.

Before your next office visit please note the number of remaining refills, do you have enough for several months, or a few days? If you are not sure of the proper protocol for your prescription refill, please bring your prescription bottles to your office visit and a staff member would be happy to help.

If there are no refills remaining on your prescription, an office visit is required for proper evaluation and documentation of your condition and your response to the medicine.

 Will Care MD® call in prescriptions for medications, such as antibiotics and pain medication, without an office visit?

Care MD® will need to examine you in order to determine what treatment and medications are necessary.

Will the On-Call Physician for Care MD® call in prescriptions, such as antibiotics and pain medications, after hours?

The On-Call Physician will not call in any of these types of medications. This should be taken care of during office hours. If these medications are urgently required, you may be directed to an urgent care or emergency room for evaluation.

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