Keeping the doctor on time

Sometimes Things Are More Serious Than You Think

Please understand that the physicians are just as frustrated as you are when they run behind.
Please understand that we are primary care doctors and patients often come in with what they
think are minor symptoms, but actually have something more severe occurring. In these cases
we do all we can to help the person at that moment rather than asking the patient to schedule
another appointment or send them to a hospital. We will try to afford you the same care if it
ever becomes necessary.

Trust in the Staff

However, there are things patients can do to help keep the doctor on schedule. Please be aware that all staff at Care MD have signed our confidentiality agreement. They can, and do, access patient’s charts during the course of the day. Our doctors have put their complete trust in them and ask that you do the same.

Share Complete Reasons for Your Visit

When making an appointment, please, in a quick and concise manner, tell the person on the
phone all of the reasons for your appointment. This allows us to book the appropriate amount
of time for you.

When the nurse or medical assistant checks you in, please fully discuss the reasons you are here and all your symptoms. Please listen carefully as the staff member goes through your
medication list and acknowledge as to whether or not you still take that medication and please
inform us of all medications you take.

Work With Our Pictures and Weights Requirements

Pictures are required for your chart. Your weight is required at every visit. Arguing with a staff member about providing these two pieces of important information, only slows down the intake and puts the doctor behind. If you decline to provide this information, then you will not be seen.

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