How Osteopathic Manipulative Treatments Work

At Care MD® our physicians always attempt to match the correct treatment to the correct patient and their symptoms.

As a family practice, we are often faced with patients who suffer from varying degrees of chronic pain.

As Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine we are able to offer our patients a special osteopathic manipulative treatment known as Osteopathic Muscle Manipulations, OMM’s.

As DO’s, we understand how the different parts of the body are integrated and effect each other. We use our hands to both diagnose and treat. We use our hands to locate sources of trouble and then we perform specific manipulation techniques that help us relieve many types of pains.

Care MD® has been very effective utilizing the OMM’s to relieve the symptoms of chronic pain. Many patients maintain standing appointments to return for this procedure, while others come in on an as need basis. Most insurance companies cover OMM’s with the usual out of pocket expenses applied.

Please come, visit us and let’s determine if a manipulation is an appropriate course of action for you.

If you are scheduled for an OMM, please remember to wear comfortable clothing.
(For Example, gym shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt)

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