Billing FAQ

Know Your Own Insurance Company Benefits

Please open your explanation of benefits from your insurance company when you receive it in
the mail. This will tell you what you may owe us, per your insurance company. All we do is
transfer this information to your account. If you disagree with what the insurance company is
saying, call them directly.

Click here to see what insurance plans we have billing agreements with.

Get Your Unanswered Billing Questions Answered

IMPORTANT! Check the date(s) of service

If your questions are regarding a balance for a date of service prior to July 1st, 2014, please call Medical Billing Group West at 480-473-0115 for your initial inquiries.

If your questions are regarding a balance for a date of service after July 1st, 2014, please call Unis Link at 602-457-7075.

Keep Your Account Balance Current

When you come into the office, the front desk will point out any balances you owe and ask you
to make a payment before being seen. Please be prepared to do so. If your balance is over 90
days old or you have been sent to collections, the doctor will not be able to see you until
payment is made.

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